Ice Cream   as it was meant to be ... other desserts

where's yours?

Made fresh and real ..... here at Spruce Pond


The Flavors .... watch board for seasonal flavor additions
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies’n cream
Cookie Dough Mint Triple Chip
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup M&M
Peppermint Stick Coconut Almond Joy
White Pistachio Strawberry
Orange Pineapple Black Raspberry
Maple Walnut Butter Pecan
Grapenut Coffee Bean
Coffee Crunch Mud Pie
Apple Cream Pie Kahlua & Cream
Bailey’s Irish Cream Double Baked
Negative Chip Chocolate Walnut
Piņa Colada Vanilla Yogurt
Lemon Sorbet Orange Sorbet
Dutch Chocolate Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Raspberry Banana Chocolate Chunk
Cherry Chocolate Chunk Frozen Pudding
Rum Raisin Belgium Milk Chocolate
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Pecan Pie
Black Raspberry No Fat No Sugar Yogurt (soft serve) Vanilla No Fat No Sugar Yogurt (soft serve)
Low Fat Vanilla Soft Serve Low Fat Chocolate Soft Serve
Raspberry Sorbet And more…
Come on in and see a big ice cream happening
Besides our 'standard' huge selection ...
We are always bringing out new exciting special flavors
.... so always check the boards